Thank you for the interest in our services .

We are a Father-Son entertainment business located in Canandaigua. As the Father, I have 15 years of experience and over 500 events under my belt.

My Son,, has an impressive resume of his own. His list of events include school dances for Naples, Victor, and Bloomfield. He has also successfully DJ'ed many birthday parties from age 6 to 21. Finally, he DJ'ed the Grand Opening for the Forever 21 store in the Eastview Mall a few years back. We find the younger party-goers seem to prefer someone closer to their own age.

A few other advantages of Our Company;
  • Secure, online planning tools that allow you and your guests to request music and format.
  • High quality sound and lighting equipment
  • We are professional, energetic, and reliable. We have never missed an event, don't drink, don't take smoke breaks, etc...
  • We do not believe in giving ourselves DJ names. We want the event to be about YOU and the music, not us.
As an Entertainment business, Our top priority is our customers' satisfaction.We ARE determined to make sure that you and your guests have a great and memorable time. We do this with excellent communication, a quality presentation, and many years of experience.